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vulgarian n : a vulgar person (especially someone who makes a vulgar display of wealth)

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  1. A vulgar individual, especially one who emphasizes or is oblivious to their vulgar qualities.
    • 1894: Robert Louis Stevenson The Ebb-Tide
      He was by this time on the deck, but he had the art to be quite unapproachable; the friendliest vulgarian, three parts drunk, would have known better than take liberties...
    • 1907: William James, Social Value of the College-Bred
      But to have spent one's youth at college, in contact with the choice and rare and precious, and yet still to be a blind prig or vulgarian, unable to scent out human excellence or to divine it amid its accidents, to know it only when ticketed and labeled and forced on us by others, this indeed should be accounted the very calamity and shipwreck of a higher education.

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